Hello, It's me.

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  • Something I have learned about is that the job you should do is the one you do at 2 am, and for me is to discover.
    Reading papers on how Elon Musk is trying to get people to Mars or 10mins video explaining why traffic exist for instance.
    I find almost everything interesting.
    My last project is to try in 2017 to do at least one trip per month because you can't discover everything online.
    All of this always helped me in solving problems, allowing me to use basically old solutions to different problems.
    Why Ferdinando.red? Just because Ferdinando.com was already taken!
    You can read much more, it will make me happy...
    I think everything started when I was 7 I guess, when wanted a Game Boy Color that my parent didn't want to buy me, so I built it by myself with paper tape and markers, ad I played a lot with that fake paper Game Boy and of course all my family joked me a lot about that until finally, they bought me a real Game Boy for Xmas.
    That episode helped me understanding that I could make things.
    At 14 I start getting really passionate about Motorbike so I have got one that I was always tuning the aesthetic and the engine in my garage.
    I learned for instance to spray paint and use fiberglass.
    At 15 I discovered Photoshop and graphic design and I started helping my mom's colleagues (she is an architect).
    At 19 I decided to move from Naples to Milan, to start the polytechnic school of industrial design. Industrial design allows me to merge my passion for DIY with design. I spent some time in London in Erasmus and then back in Italy I started collaborating with small startups to give them help with product design and brand.
    Since I ended my exams 6 months earlier I decided to have a small full-time work period in an e-commerce as a designer (but we were just two of us so we did literally everything... Yes, also customer service!).
    Then I graduated with a thesis on Nomadism with MINI and Alcantara.
    I had not enough of design school so I enrolled in the master degree in product service system, to understand the bigger picture behind a product development.
    Here I discovered the importance of user experience and the user research.
    So I decided to focus on user experience and joined Bosch in Germany for a 6 months internship.
    The experience was incredible, everything that before was just theory and assumptions, there were real, tangible and with real consequences on people lives!.
    So now I'm writing my final thesis.