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Let people keep their clinical history always with them, ready in case of moving into another place or another doctor.
The medical system in Italy still use, in most case, paper, switch to digital is not easy of course because of the kind of information.
But is a step that has to be done, so we tried to figure it out how to make a transition affordable and non disruptive.
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The target is made of people who move often and have always to tell doctors their clinical history and chronic patients who have a lot of medical documents.
We started interviewing our target to understand what their problem and needs.
The first step. Replace the paper.
An app? not yet.
Here is why.
The printed poster propaganda
We had to understand the legislation on the medical records, and it was really complex… too much complex… so we started interviewing doctors and lawyer to get more information possible from them.
Big problem. In Italy there is a big chaos speaking about digital transcripts, not all the machines can export digital files (and the one that can have a proprietary extension) but all of them can print of course.
Actually, the government is trying to solve the problem digitalizing the information with the sanitary card where you can upload your clinical history, but this is exactly the disruptive method we want to avoid.
This radical change is still not 100% supported by every doctor in Italy and is absolutely not user centric.
A solution was to keep everything as close as possible to the actual system.
The doctor has just to create a doctor account, and patients a patient account.
The doctor have to download a software on his PC (is like a digital printer that sends documents instead of print of paper)
The user has to download the app, he will receive the digital prints there and can decide to give access to selected doctors. The app is just a tool to keep all organized and allow easy share among doctors.
The doctor can use all the given accesses to analyse data for private studies.
The user can have conversations with more than one doctor, they can directly speak their language among them.
The products: Windows/mac tool for doctors (virtual printer to upload pdf)
                     Web app for doctors (to check patients database)
                     Web app for patients (to upload and check clinical records)
Design a win win situation
Pelican doctors can upload directly on the patient's profile, to be allowed to always see the document. The patients can look for pelican doctors in a worldwide database and have everywhere their documents.
Have a look to our .pdf final presentation (click to see):

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