Stranger friends.

Have a chat with people like you

Service & Product Design
In this project the most important part was the communication with the user, so we built a website to show all of the important information and started a social media campaign.
The presentation video can explain everything, unfortunately just eng subtitles if you don't speak Italian.
Research demonstrate that people find easier to talk about themselves with someone they didn't know, instead of friends.
There is niche of people who pursued a status for the entire life, covered by a mask, that can't speak any more about their problems freely. Try to think about celebrities for instance, and how many friends they can stress about their problems.
Michele Butti, 38
is a financial broker who uses to relax with chromotherapy sessions. His big house is characterized by a modern furniture and big plants, and he loves to take care of them. He has an African distance adopted son but he doesn’t want to settle down with a family and wife. He is active and totally involved in the charity fund raising. His sexual life is based on “one-night stand” relationship.
Anita Vasselli, 52
works in an art gallery, she has two labradors who she loves desperately. She hasn’t realized that she has spent more effort in loving her animals instead of cultivating family and friends relationships. When she goes back to her downtown apartment, she relaxes using her incense, drinking a glass of wine and reading her Osho favorite book.
Actually, there are no solutions to allow people to speak randomly, but some mobile app that is created for other needs. We wanted to try to establish a conversation between people that can match together.
The billboard advertising and the product on the right.
The solution was a phone, an old phone, a primitive interaction you have just to pick up and wait that someone of the community will answer because want to speak.
You don’t know who is on the other side, you only know that there is
a person like you.
We wanted to keep the interaction as simple as possible, to call and to answer just pick up the receiver, no buttons just a big light that bright when someone wants to speak.
This is the short TV advertisement.
The product phone covers the price of 6 months of subscription after that you can decide to continue or to ship back the phone.

What's next:

Service for elders//Metà