Service for elders.

Elders in Milan will live together

Service Design
“Be fun, elders are less serious than you thought”
So we did it! This is our Posters (you can find it on construction sites of course)
The data are clear, the over 65 population is increasing fast, but society still considers them a problem.
We understood that the problem was big and clear, even for the municipality.
Those are the frequent scenarios here in Italy.
Elders live alone in their home, waiting for visits from parents, going out rarely, often suffering from the depression of living completely alone.
Elders live in son's home, losing all their independence but at least gaining in company (living alone is hard)
Elders go in hospices, super expensive (costs way more than average pension) but often overbooked.
Co-Design session, getting feedbacks from people
There are a lot of differences among elders and is stupid to collect them just under a target age.
When do you become official elders? The government say is +65.
But is not always like this, there are people perfectly active at 80 or 90.
We divided elders considering how much they can take care of themselves.
We divided them in: need constant help, need help in most activity, need help just in the hardest activities, completely independent.
From this division, we find that age is not a good way to create targets.
But if the problem was real how is possible that no one thought about a solution?
the answer is that there are a lot of solutions offered by the municipality, completely free or not.
All the service, by the way, are hard to reach and are designed to convince families to make elders use those service.
Co-Design session, people can give you the greatest feedback if you let them express well.
So our solution was to make everything easier for our target, but most important to convince elders that this can be a rejuvenating experience, something that can be fun, a way to be back in the game!
Out TV advertisement was cool and funny, we wanted to catch the target
Working with the municipality is always something tricky because there is
no money at all, so we had to design a completely sustainable service.
Reshaping the existing service taking just some pieces united to create a different picture, a new one entirely dedicated to elders.
To make them live well giving a second youth.
Who knows maybe elders in Milan will live together in the future!
Have a look to our final .pdf presentation. Click to see all the technical details.

What's next:

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