you are here.

I am Ferdinando and this is how I should convince you that I am a great problem solver (don't want to spoil but I am), because to me this is the purpose of Design.
So you are here and or I invited you in some sort of way, or if you find me somewhere, things are going pretty well, don't be shy and write me a line...

UX in Bosch.

I had the amazing opportunity to have an intern in the UX headquarter of Bosch, in Stuttgart, Germany.


I had the pleasure to work in user research projects and user experience for mobile application of car maintenance service.
Read more about this project.

Service for elders.

Is a service for the municipality of Milan to reintegrate elders in society, giving to them all of the possibilities to share their houses with other.  Is a pure service design project, where we tried to organize in a new concept, the big mess of the public services.
Read more about this project.

New healthcare.

Pelican allows people to manage all their medical records easily and everywhere.
This project was mainly a big research project because we had to investigate well in the NHS to start designing our solution. Ending up with a non-disruptive service solution was not easy at all.

Stranger friends.

Onenone is a platform that allows strangers to communicate, in order to share their personal stories. The interaction is easy and primitive, there is a phone and whenever you want to talk with someone you just pick up the phone and someone will answer.