UX in Bosch.

Summarizing a great experience

Ux Design & Design research
The first project i was involved in was Sweetworxx, an app that allows you to have your car maintenance service without any worries, with pick up and drop off wherever you want.
My part was to design the various interaction among driver and user, collaborating in the wireframing of the smartphone application, and design the user test in Irvine, California.
The design of the user test consisted all in creating the same experience ready to test but without application, using SMS and phone call.
It was great to receive real insight and detailed user information to craft the best experience possible.
Sweetworxx video explaining the service (this was not done by me)
The second project I was involved in was a big research project for emerging markets.
We developed in team ten different concepts of products and service, starting from the outcomes of the on-field research (I had not the opportunity to be part of), and desk research.
We generated personas and designed concept to help them and raise the importance of the brand in those countries.
The outcomes of the concepts were service blueprints, user journey maps, business model and stakeholders maps, to let all the different Bosch divisions involved in the project to understand the potentiality of the concepts.
Photo of the target user personas.

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